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Learn About Your Roof System

The 10 Point Topside Inspection

Your roof system is your home’s first defense against New England’s infamous weather; snow, rain, wind, and sun. 

Yet, the topside of a home is often the least seen and ironically the most “overlooked” part. In addition to cleaning your gutter system, we will give your home our professional Ten Point Topside Inspection! While we are topside, we provide you with a report (Sample Report below) on any damage, excessive wear and neglect to your:

​1. – Gutters
2. – Downspouts
3. – Eaves, soffits, and fascia trim
4. – Rake trim boards
5. – Roof shingles
6. – Roof flashing and roof boots
7. – Chimney
8. – Chimney crown
9. – Chimney lead flashing
10. – Miscellaneous