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Meet the Team

About Us

The SCGM Team

Raymond Cetner, Owner

Ray graduated from Northeastern University in 1992 with a degree in Business. He started a career in Client services at a financial firm. After 18 years he leapt from the corporate ladder to the roof ladder. He began South Coast Gutter Monkeys because…well, it is a lot more fun to run your own business and see the fruits of your labor. Monkeys love fruit! Ray can also start a fire with two sticks (and a book of matches) the apposable thumb is truly a marvel.


Jennifer runs the office for the Monkeys. So, while they are out demonstrating their areal acrobatics, she is here for all your customer service needs. Jennifer got her ALB from Harvard University Extension School. She lived in Italy for two years and drank enough espresso to power a small jet engine. She is the Alex Trebek of Star Trek Trivia, feel free to test your skills next time you call.

Will, Spidy

A 2017 graduate of Plymouth North HS, “Spidy” likes to hit the gym to maintain his Spider Monkey moves. Although he was attending Bridgewater College, when classes moved online at the start pandemic, he found that working in a trade was an excellent opportunity for him. Will has become South Coast Gutter Monkey’s go-to guy. He even does his own stunts.

Justin, The Jay-man

Justin graduated from Plymouth North HS. He immediately took a job running a 4 man crew at an oyster farm. The Jay-man is not only a ladder climbing ninja who likes to read (very Zen), be he went from an amphibious sea soldier to a roof top warrior. Wonder what would Darwin say about that evolution!? Impressive.